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After school each day teens can participate in almost 50 different activities which let them discover their talents and interests. The afternoon begins with homework with guidance from the staff and tutoring where needed.

After homework, the fun begins: sports, cooking, culture, personal care (manicure, hair care etc), music, environmental projects, photography & video, community service, computers with Internet access or just spending time talking with friends.

In the summer vacation period there are several weeks of themed camps such as soccer, kite surfing, survival camp, ocean activities, fashion, dance, cooking and more.

Jong Bonaire also provides a canteen serving affordable, healthy lunches each school day.

Activities,  homework & fun

Since 1998

Over 2,000 young people have had the opportunity to participate in the programs of Jong Bonaire:

"Because of Jong Bonaire I was not on the street after school and did not make bad friends."

"I learned how to behave myself."

"They spoke with me a lot and helped me with my character."


Jong Bonaire is a "Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling" (ANBI) registered #823934081